Last Few Weeks. Bob and Bertie

What you get into while trying to please your spouse!
Gary wanted an upside down cake.  So I made him one from scratch.  I was checking the cake about halfway trough.  When I tried to slide the rack out to check the cake, the rack collapsed and the cake spilled all over the oven.

We chose the Mesa Flea Market for our sightseeing trip.  I should have my scooter.  BIG place with lots of STUFF,.......

Here is my garden.  I have Kale plants and planted radishes and onions.  Trying to raise our own salad.

I wanted an authentic mid-west planter and a mother-in-law plant.  Now I have both.

I like a little light when we come home at night.  I ordered these twinkle lights that our solar.  They don't show well when the flash goes off on the phone.

Brother Kevin sent Gary some of the junk that was still at his house.  I added our senior pictures to his side of the bed.  I have rearranged them since then,  They look a little better.  Guess what we need is a SENIOR picture of us in our golden …

Tucson Visit, 3rd Week of January 2018

One interesting place to visit.  We went to Tucson AZ and choose the San Xavier del Bac.  It is a 350 year old mission that still runs a school for 150 students from the reservation.

January 16, 2018....More and Salt River Horse Hunt

As I was riding through the park, I saw a lady cutting another ladies hair.  I asked if I was next, and I was.  She gave me a totally different look.  I scrunch it into shape.  It is easy to do and next morning, I just spray wet and start over.

Love my flowers.  I've added kale to my herbs.  We have added a few leaves to our salads.

The Branson porch flowers are loving the sunshine and blooming.

Yesterday was sightseeing Monday.  I choose to go up north again and try to find the wild horse herds that live along the Salt River.  We saw a lot of horse trailers and cowboys riding their horses.  On the way back, we had lunch at DQ compliments of sister Deb.  She is stubborn and won't listen, but we enjoyed our lunch with included hot fudge sundaes.  I get Gary's after he eats a bite or two.  Love that man.