January 16, 2018....More and Salt River Horse Hunt

As I was riding through the park, I saw a lady cutting another ladies hair.  I asked if I was next, and I was.  She gave me a totally different look.  I scrunch it into shape.  It is easy to do and next morning, I just spray wet and start over.

Love my flowers.  I've added kale to my herbs.  We have added a few leaves to our salads.

The Branson porch flowers are loving the sunshine and blooming.

Yesterday was sightseeing Monday.  I choose to go up north again and try to find the wild horse herds that live along the Salt River.  We saw a lot of horse trailers and cowboys riding their horses.  On the way back, we had lunch at DQ compliments of sister Deb.  She is stubborn and won't listen, but we enjoyed our lunch with included hot fudge sundaes.  I get Gary's after he eats a bite or two.  Love that man.

Just a little bit of what we have been doing!

My mom's cousin, Fern Wilkerson, has been on my mind.  She was a super calm lady.  Never saw her angry and she was always cooking.  One of my favorites (besides the rolls and cow butter) is Poor Man Cake from the depression.  I had been in touch with Dorothy Jean, but had not gotten the original recipe so I tried to bake from memory.  MISTAKE.  Ate it anyway.

 If you know my health history, you know I have neuropathy.   I don't have very good balance.
When I walk, my feet become so sore the next day is miserable.  Anyway, I just was eating and sitting and getting wider each day.  I saw one of these in the campground and decided I needed one.
I love it.  I have freedom.

This is poor Gary putting it together.  Thank goodness I have him in my life.

Arizona January 2018

I've been pretty lazy.  Catching up from the wild life we led in Texas.  Our first sightseeing trip was up north a ways.  These are pictures of the Ruins of Casa Grande.  The history of this main building is amazing.  Wind and sand have been hard on these ruins, but modern man has added a roof to help protect this.   There are wall remains.  If you get a chance google this and read the history.  Amazing.

 Cactus and my thorn of love.

You know me, I love old churches.

Taking the Scenic Way Home to Find Coffee

I was a tad bit grumpy.
Gary forgot my water and Donna didn't return my calls.
I was in a butt chewing mood.

Trip to Sedona and Around

We stopped fill our tank at Sam's Club.  No cash purchases so we had to go to Fry's.